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Boyfriends are complicated, to find out whether he apreciates you, ask him "Do you love me?" or "What is the point of this relationship?" if he shrugs or says he doesn't know then dump him he's not worth your time, If he says he loves you or the poin of the relationship is passion, love, being together or something similar he is a good guy and definately deserves a great Girl like you!

Puberty is when your body gets an upgrade, you get extra body hair in the nastiest places, your armpits, between the legs on your legs and other places too.
Your skin can also get spotty too the most common places are your face your back and even your bum.
Although you may get moody over it all, it's not your fault. Puberty doesn't just make your body change, it changes the way you think during itself, mood swings are common.
Breasts also appear around this time, even if your mate has bigger boobs than you it doesn't mean yours are too small or won't grow, give your body a chance to grow up, it's not a one night thing. If you feel worried about puberty see your GP.
Puberty can start between the ages of 8-to->18, it usually finishes it's job when you are 18, If you start your period late or havent started thn don't worry it'll be your time soon, look for signs of mood swings, stoumach cramps, itchy vaginal area and other strange behaviour.

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